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Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Increase the value of your home with custom made plantation shutters, Installed in 3 Weeks

When you are looking for a plantation shutter, what comes to mind? Perhaps you are thinking of shutters that gently dampen the summer morning. Or, the pristine white shutters that keep out the hiss of the rain during winter.

Whether you are looking for raised or full-height plantation shutters for sliding doors, Retro Binds got you covered. We offer a collection of plantation shutters in Melbourne. You can shop for outdoor or indoor plantation shutters and add a timeless look to your home. Our plantation shutters are elegant, and you can find custom-made pieces to suit the theme of your house.

At Retro Binds, we ensure you get quality plantation shutters that stand the test of time. We have a collection of excellent window shutters with thermal resistance. That means they can keep you cool in summer and retain the heat in winter.

Our plantation shutters also provide ultimate light control – for instance, you can adjust each panel independently to temper the light or allow more natural light.

Types of Plantation Shutters Available at Retro Blinds

Choose the perfect shutters for your home today! Some of the exciting plantation shutters available in our Melbourne shop include:

Outdoor Plantation Shutters

Are you looking for plantation shutters to shield your home from the harsh Australian sun? We provide attractive exterior shutters that protect your home from shine and rain. You can choose from a range of Aluminium shutters if you want a minimalist style and sophistication.

Our aluminium outdoor plantation shutters, have a UV powder-coated finish and are sturdy to last. Our Aluminium outdoor plantation shutters are low maintenance and can enclose your balcony. The best part is that you can control the light and ventilation.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber plantation shutters in Melbourne homes are elegant and practical. They give your home a classic look while providing the required protection and privacy. Our hardwood shutters are from sustainably sourced timber and are durable. Our timber shutters give you excellent control over your privacy and sunlight since you can adjust the louvres. You also pick the colour of the shutter from dark rich natural wood tones to create an inviting living space to white plantation shutters with an airy aesthetic.

Shaped Plantation Shutters

Odd-shaped windows can be challenging when window dressing. Fortunately, you can find plantation shutters for odd-shaped windows. Our shutters are practical and functional; they can be made-to-measure to suit any window shape and provide adequate light control. For instance, if you are looking for shaped shutters for a round or triangular window, our team will help you find the perfect match.

Since our shutters are made-to-measure, we can cater for different window shapes, from curved to angular. Our experienced fitters will ensure the triangle plantation shutters are a perfect fit.

Revamp your bathroom with high-quality Fauxwood plantation shutters suitable for wet areas around the house like the laundry, kitchen and bathroom. Unlike natural timber louvres, PVC plantation shutters do not warp or shrink with temperature changes.


Retro Blinds provides industry-best solutions tailored to elevate your décor. Our combined 30 years of experience provides finesse in our service and means that we get it right the first time while honoring your aspirations and budget.

Australian Plantation Shutters

High-Quality Plantation Shutters, Lowest Price Guarantee, Made Locally In Melbourne

If you are looking for Australian-made plantation shutters, we got you covered with custom shutters. Australian plantation shutters add a modern look to your home. Since the custom plantation shutters incorporate technology, they provide added insulation for your home.

With our Australian-made plantation shutters, you get better insulation during winter and shielding from the summer heat. The shutters are also maintenance-free, fire-retardant and water-resistant, making them suitable for indoor.

Thermalyte – Australian Made Plantation Shutters

Australian-made plantation shutters, Thermalyte, to elevate your home décor with superior quality and a fast three-week turnaround. Unlike our competitors, we have teamed with an Australian provider to deliver this leading product that achieves a fusion of style, functionality, and durability in your home or workplace.

Following the countless lockdowns faced in Victoria, Retro Blinds’ choice to partner with a local supplier was simple. This also has the additional benefit of significantly lower wait times and assigns control to us so we can give you a true snapshot of the status of your new Thermalyte plantation shutters in Melbourne.

Following your initial meeting with our Design Consultant, you will only be three weeks away from living the elegant upgrade to your home or office décor that you have otherwise only dreamed of. This energy-efficient solution is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions that are prevalent in Melbourne with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind to protect you against any defects or damage for years to come.

Other benefits of the Thermalyte plantation shutters include:

  • UV and moisture resistance
  • The frames are constructed from durable materials
  • The louvres are made from high-grade quality PVC that is resistant to warping, cracking, and fading
  • Light and air control to regulate temperature and keep your home comfortable
  • Derived from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)-free paint in the manufacturing process.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters

Our faux wood louvres are constructed with an aluminium core to add strength and stability, but you can find customisation options like colours and sliding plantation shutters.

Why Choose Our Plantation Shutters?

We Provide Made-to -Measure Shutters

Each plantation shutter we fit is made-to-measure to ensure it perfectly fits your window. If you are looking for plantation shutters for the bay window, we will ensure you get the desired shape. Our team will also help you pick from curved and angular shapes to ensure the window blinds are the perfect fit.

Our Prices Are Competitive

Retro Blinds provide high-quality and custom-designed plantation shutters in Melbourne. We pride ourselves in offering the perfect shutters to enhance the look of your home. You don’t have to increase your spending to get white or black plantation shutters for your outdoor or indoor spaces. Our prices are competitive, and you can find the perfect window dressing suitable for your budget.

Better Light Control and Insulation Features

Our plantation shutters allow you to control the airflow and light by adjusting the louvres. You can let in the sun without affecting your privacy. The timber and faux wood plantation shutters can also insulate your home during winter and keep it cool in summer.

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  • Can shutters save money on energy bills?
    Yes. Many of our products have temperature related benefits, but nearly all shutters can provide this benefit by default by keeping excess heat out in summer, and keep warmth in during the winter. Speak to your design Consultant about this at time of quote.
  • How Much do Plantation Shutters Cost?
    The cost of plantation shutters varies widely by the material and the quality of the manufacturing process.
  • Do shutters provide complete blackout from sunlight?
    No. In truth, nothing can as light will always find a way in without sealing a room completely. However, some shutters will provide more blackout than others and so can go a long way towards achieving this function. Give us a call to find out more.
  • Are Plantation Shutters Still popular?
    YES! We Love them too, so when asked on certain ideas and products with clients-we will recommend them to suit your home décor, and add in some stunning shutters. Speak to our consultant and they will help guide you in the right direction.
  • Why Chose Thermalyte?
    Great Question. With its 10 year warranty, and also being Australian made-Its our most popular plantation shutter.
  • Can you Get Black plantation shutters in Thermalyte range?
    Unfortunately no, it only comes in a universal white.