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Venetian Blinds in Melbourne: When Quality Counts

Have you been looking to imbue your home with a bespoke sense of style? Perhaps more practical issues such as privacy are concerns. These are two of the many reasons why installing custom-made venetian blinds is often the ideal solution.

Our company has been providing quality window dressings to the Melbourne community and when nothing but the best will suffice, look no further than what we have to offer. Let’s quickly examine what customers can expect when working with our team.

Why Choose Venetian Blinds?

These types of window dressings boast a timeless appeal that can easily work in synergy with the décor of an existing room. Therefore, coordination will not represent an issue. Venetian blinds are easy to adjust and they offer superior levels of privacy. This is an understandable concern for families and businesses located throughout cities such as Melbourne.

Furthermore, our venetian blinds have been engineered to the highest of standards. Durable and built to last, they represent an excellent investment from a long-term perspective. The same cannot be said for generic window dressings that often need to be replaced after only a handful of years.

Variety is the Spice if Life

We appreciate that every home is associated with its very own personality. In other words, the notion of “one size fits all” has no place in the world of interior decoration. This is why customers can choose options such as:

  • Timber venetian blinds
  • PVC venetian blinds
  • Aluminium venetian blinds

Each of these is associated with its own set of unique advantages. Timber blinds can often be used to add an organic sense of warmth to a room. PVC venetian blinds are cost-effective solutions and they are available in a kaleidoscope of different tones; ideal for those governed by tight budgets. Aluminum venetian blinds exude a sleek and contemporary appeal and these are frequently preferred within contemporary settings.


Retro Blinds provides industry-best solutions tailored to elevate your décor. Our combined 30 years of experience provides finesse in our service and means that we get it right the first time while honoring your aspirations and budget.

More Than Initially Meets the Eye

While it is impossible to deny the aesthetic beauty of modern venetian blinds, there are other surprising benefits that our clients can enjoy. These types of window dressings can help to block harmful UV rays during the warmer months of the year; an understandable concern for many Melbourne residents. Venetian blinds can also act as a thermal barrier when the temperatures outside begin to fall. This will help to reduce heating bills over time and ensure that the room remains comfortable throughout the year.

A Practical Sense of Functionality

There may also be times when special configurations are required. Our professionals are more than capable of addressing such issues thanks to the personalised approach that we have adopted over the years.

For example, perhaps you wish to add a series of external venetian blinds. These accessories can provide ideal solutions for domestic and commercial properties alike. You might instead be hoping to embrace a decidedly minimalist appeal. In this case, our selection of slimline venetian blinds aims to please.

Your Go-To Solution for Quality Venetian Blinds in Melbourne

Retro Blinds has been providing Melbourne customers with cutting-edge solutions and we are pleased to offer competitive pricing packages in order to address your unique budgetary requirements. If you would like to learn more about our selection of venetian blinds, please take a moment to give us a call at a convenient time.


  • What is a Venetian Blind?
    A Venetian blind is a window covering made up from horizontal slats that can be made from a range of materials such as wood, Pvc or Aluminium. The slats can be adjusted to open or close using a cord or handle at the side of the blind. This lets in or shuts out the natural light. Slat sizes start at 25mm-50mm-63mm on certain venetians.
  • How practical is a Venetian Blind?
    A Venetian blind is a very modern and practical way to cover your window. Venetian Blinds are both stylish and easy to use. They allow for full light and privacy control.
  • Are People still buying Venetian blinds?
    Yes! They are popular in Bathrooms, Offices and Even Entire homes.
  • Can Venetian Blinds be fitted inside the recess?
    Yes! Fitting Venetian blinds inside the recess generally gives the cleaning looking finish. You can fit them as shallow or deep into the recess as you wish, it’s just personal preference.