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Panel Glide Blinds Melbourne

Panel Glides are a blind that consists of separate flat fabric panels that move effortlessly along a light and simple tracking mechanism. Based on the kind and size of your window or door, you may use a simple control wand to slide the panel glide sliding. Since there are no loose cables or chains, the control wand is a good option for families with young children.

We have been assisting clients in picking out the perfect blinds for their residences and workplaces for many years. Therefore, we have various colors and materials because each client has a unique taste when selecting panel glide blinds.

Choose between total darkness and bright light with our blockout panel glide blinds. Their insulating material aids in keeping your rooms at a comfortable temperature and shielding your furnishings from damaging UV rays.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Panel Glide Blinds

Easy to Use

One of the most appealing features of panel blinds is their simplicity of wand operation. Panel blinds are great if you have large windows or a sliding door that expands to a beautiful view since they can be easily drawn out of the way when they are not in use.

Adaptable Design

Our panel glide blinds Melbourne are the best window treatment to give your house a modern and stylish appearance while maintaining privacy. They are adaptable and may be modified to match the interior of any home.


Panel blinds are a space-saving addition to any room, freeing up extra floor area that may be used for other purposes.


Retro Blinds provides industry-best solutions tailored to elevate your décor. Our combined 30 years of experience provides finesse in our service and means that we get it right the first time while honoring your aspirations and budget.

Layout Options

Many different styles of panel glides blinds exist, so you may choose one that works with the specific arrangement of your windows and doors. Panel blinds should align with sliding door swings. Given your needs for doors and windows in terms of access, privacy, view, and natural light, our advisors can assist you in planning the optimal configuration.

Color Selections

We have various fabric colors, from neutrals to vibrant colors and creative patterns, to guarantee that your finest window panel blinds in Melbourne are a great fit for your house. Need some help picking out the right color for your panel blinds? Our skilled interior décor specialists are here to assist.

Panel Counts and Dimensions

Our panel glide blinds for sliding doors are made to order in Melbourne, so you may select the width and the number of panels—from two to nine, on a single track—that best suit your needs.

When deciding on the required number of panels, it is important to remember that the width of the panel that sits behind the stacked panels will obstruct some of the opening. Our advice is to go for a bigger number of small panels so that you may make the most of the vistas out of your windows and the natural light that enters your home.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Panel Blinds

If you have small children and decide to install panel glide blinds in your house, you may discover that you need to dust them more frequently than other blinds. This is because kids like playing behind them.

It is all required to scrub away grimy fingerprints and other stains with a gentle cleanser diluted in water and then dry them with a clean towel. However, we do suggest consulting the manufacturer’s specifications for specific instructions. If you are unsure how to care for your window coverings properly, it’s a good idea to call up your neighborhood carpet court.

Contact Panel Glide Blinds Expert Today

Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and get guidance on choosing the best indoor blind for your needs. Our professionals can deliver our portable exhibition to your location.


  • What is a Panel Glide?
    Ideally they are large panels of sliding fabric on a track. They are used for larger Sliding doors, or a room divider. They feature sleek lines and a minimalist design to provide a subtle covering.
  • Can it open up to selected sides?
    Absolutely. They can open to your selected preference.
  • Are they easy to operate?
    Yes. It is operated by a wand, so you walk with the wand to open your panel Glide.