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PVC Plantation Shutters

Faux wood shutters are a superior substitute for real wood shutters. Every louvre is skillfully constructed with a square tube made of aluminium for added strength and durability.

We can guarantee our clients high-quality plantation shutters at a reasonable price by partnering with the industry’s top manufacturers. In Melbourne, we are the exclusive distributor for this high-end label.

Traditional Shutters vs Plantation Shutters

It’s always advisable to select window shutters carefully since they will affect the look of your room significantly. Choosing the right window treatment requires understanding the various types and how they perform.

Compared to standard shutters, pvc plantation shutters stand out due to their adjustable louvres. There will be plenty of light coming through the windows. Traditional solid shutters play double duty as a visual barrier to the outside and window protection. They are fixed in place and cannot be moved to change the amount of light entering the space.

Why are Fauxwood Plantation Shutters the Best Option?

The bottom part of the louvres may be closed to exclude any external view. As a result, you can adjust the louvres to let in just the right amount of light. Fauxwood shutters outperform interior shutters in energy conservation due to their inherent insulating qualities.

The aesthetic value of plantation shutters makes them a superior option to other types of window coverings. You may get ones that complement your existing furnishings and paint theme. It’s a perfect blend of form and purpose at this point.

Perfect Return on Investment

Just like any other major purchase, you want to be sure that your plantation shutters are precisely what you anticipated when you decided to purchase them. As a result, we have adapted our company to provide only the highest standard of service at fair costs.

Basswood, Western Red Cedar, and Aluminum are just a few of the materials and colours to choose from while shopping for our Melbourne Plantation Shutter. Each material has benefits based on the project’s specifics and the client’s preferences. Visit our website to find out more about fauxwood plantation Shutters.


Retro Blinds provides industry-best solutions tailored to elevate your d├ęcor. Our combined 30 years of experience provides finesse in our service and means that we get it right the first time while honoring your aspirations and budget.

PVC Plantation Shutters Features

Hidden Magnets

Recessed magnets are included in all stiles to close the space between the shutter panel and frame, to provide a uniform appearance from every aspect.

Decoration Items

Panel pulls, locks, and hinges, are decors that improve the shutters’ use and come in various styles.


Using eco-friendly and child-safe materials was a top priority while designing the shutters. Anything from high-quality polymers and wood composites that are safe and recycled to sustainably harvested wood products that have been obtained lawfully.

The Use of Mortise and Tenon Joints

Mortise and tenon joints, often used in high-end furniture, can ensure your shutters remain straight and true for years to come.

Wood Treatment

Each shutter’s wood parts are kiln-dried thoroughly to ensure they arrive in their ultimate location with the optimal moisture content for that environment. The shutter panels and frames are more likely to remain stable after being fitted due to this novel drying method.

Consult Plantation Shutters Experts Today

We understand it can be difficult to choose a new piece of furnishings or decor for your house. If you are interested in seeing our latest selection of pvc plantation shutters and other blinds, we invite you to stop by our pvc shutters Melbourne showroom.

Similarly, you can Contact Us to schedule a free, in-home pvc shutters melbourne consultation. One of our knowledgeable consultants will provide you with a quotation and recommendations tailored specifically to your needs. Our consulting team has extensive expertise in the field. We will give you a pricing estimate over the phone if you already have the needed window sizes. Feel free to ask us any questions about plantation shutters.

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