Folding Arm Awnings

Are you looking to transform your outdoor living experience in Melbourne? If yes, you have come to the right place. Finding folding arm awnings solutions that suit the city’s climate and your preference might be challenging. Generally, it is essential to have a stylish retractable folding arm awning for your outdoor space, considering Melbourne’s architecture and the city’s unpredictable weather conditions.

Luckily, at Retro Blinds, we specialise in delivering high-quality and customised shading solutions to improve your outdoor living experiences. Our vast selection of designs guarantees an ideal and elegant shade solution for your outdoor spaces. We also offer quality customer services to ensure you get the best outdoor folding arm awning for your home or office outside space.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the services Retro Blinds offers and the advantages of using the folding arms awning options available.

The Services We Offer Our Customers

Customised Designs

At Retro Blinds, we produce high-quality and vast designs of folding arm awnings to suit your specific requirements. Our experts have knowledge of Melbourne’s building architectures and climates, which are essential when it comes to designing and manufacturing the shades. One of the amazing designs is the automated folding arm awnings. This retractable folding arms awning design is automatically adjustable via Google Home and Apple Homepod.

Customer Consultation Service

At Retro Blinds, customer service is one of our priority tasks; we are committed to ensuring your purchase and post-purchase experience are hassle-free and enjoyable. We offer our customers free measurement, quotes and professional design consultation.

Our experienced designers and installation experts assist our customers in selecting outdoor fittings. With factors like your property’s architecture, Melbourne climate and individual preferences, our consultant experts will advise you on what folding arm awnings best suit your outdoor space.

Installation Service

At Retro Blinds, our experienced experts offer installation services to customers. Installation assistance is often a part of the customer service package. Therefore, you can quickly get your dream outdoor folding arm awnings up and running without incurring extra costs.

Maintenance And Repairs

Although Retro Blinds provide quality products, customers might need help with the folding arm awnings down the line after installation. Our experienced experts in Melbourne are always ready to assist you in solving any problems that might arise. We specialise in efficient repairs and upgrades, ensuring your awning provides reliable performance throughout your outdoor stay.

The services are tailored to suit Melbourne’s unique weather and customers’ requirements. Retro Blinds has gained a reputation over the years as a company with a team of experts dedicated to delivering quality services.

Why Choose Us?

With many folding arm awnings providers available, finding the right one might be challenging. Here are some of the reasons why Retro Blinds is a desirable choice.

  • Expert Design And Installation – our designs are made with consideration of Melbourne’s weather patterns and architectural styles. Additionally, the designers manufacture quality folding arm awnings that can withstand this harsh city’s weather. Our installation experts also carry out the folding arm awnings fitting for customers, which reduces the hassle of looking for an expert to carry out the job.
  • Exceptional Customer Services – customer services is one of our priorities at Retro Blinds. Our customer service ensures a flawless and enjoyable experience; some of the measures taken include professional consultation and free measurement service, to mention a few.
  • Folding Arm Awnings Additional Features – our experts added an amazing feature to the retractable folding arm awnings making them easy to use. The automated or motorised folding arm awning has remotes or switches mounted on walls allowing you to control them automatically.
  • Durability qualities – folding arm awnings in Melbourne are known for their strength and durability; they can withstand heavy usage by customers. Our experts also keenly install the folding arm awnings, guaranteeing a perfect fitting with minimal flaws.
  • Customization To Reflect Your Style – every property in Melbourne has its architecture and styles. Retro folding arm awnings are fully customisable to match the design preference and flawlessly integrate with the existing architecture. With several fabrics, colours, patterns and finishes, our designs ensure you choose one that truly reflects your taste.

  • Protection From Harsh Melbourne Weather – with the unpredictable weather conditions of the city, our folding arm awnings can guarantee protection over the scorching sun, occasional rains and strong winds. They also protect you against harmful UV rays, providing a safe outdoor experience.
  • Timeliness And Reliability – our installation experts aim to complete the installation work as per the allocated time without compromising on the quality of the work. As professionals, they are committed to delivering timely and quality service, from consultation to the final installation or repairs.


When hoping to transform your outdoor space into a stylish and comfortable area, consider our range of folding arm awnings at Retro Blinds. Enjoy the benefits of the flexible and automated shade, protection from the harsh weather, with a touch of elegance. Explore our vast collection today, and let us help you find suitable folding arm awnings that best suits your preferences.