Drop Arm Awnings Melbourne

Drop arm awning is a modern technique of blinds that block too much sunlight by providing shading. Drop arm awnings are commonly used in personal homes or commercial buildings where they are installed on the doorways, balconies, windows, in front of shops, or terraces.

The awnings are common in Australia, and one can find a good distributor within Melbourne who offer Blinds of all forms and purposes. The best part of using drop arm awnings is that they can be manually operated or motorized, meaning they are activated using buttons. Drop arm awnings, also commonly known as pivot arm awnings, are produced in various fabrics and colors enough to suit commercial and domestic use. Also, they are designed to allow you to adjust their positioning to ensure you have control of optimizing the viewing and a perfect shade.

Different range of drop arm awnings

FR600 Drop Arm Awning

FR600 drop arm awning is modish in its simplicity and has aluminum squeezed-out spring-loaded arms as well as a front rail. It matches domestic and commercial buildings providing shading despite where the sun strikes the building. The arms are made from stainless steel, providing the awning with a fashionable appearance for any modern building, whether a home or commercial.
The FR600 drop arm awning will help reduce the chance of using air conditioning, saving energy usage at home. This means this kind of awning helps reduce the heat in your home and allows light through; very convenient indeed! The best part is that they can be used on any conservatory, pergola, or outdoors, such as on verandahs, balconies, and windows.

Federation Drop Arm Awning

Federation Drop Arm Awning is another kind of drop arm awning and is ideal for anyone targeting a more old-style look for their awning. The awning’s roller brackets, as well as the arms, have been designed with attractive gears in a confederation style. They are naturally beautiful and very appealing to your home. Federation drop arm awning is made from fabrics with maximum UV rankings to ensure maximum sun protection.

Why choose drop arm awning

Before getting awnings, several reasons should be present to make you spend on any awning of your liking. The reasons vary for every person, but we are here to explain why you might consider getting a drop arm awning.

Energy saving

A good awning should have the ability to prevent too much sun in the building hence making it possible not to use air conditioning. Drop arm awnings have fabric that can prevent UV rays from directly hitting your building. The shade also is very important as it prevents some of your households from fading out of too much sunlight experienced in Australia.

Easy to use

Drop arm awnings are easy to use manually or motorized, meaning automatically using them with a single button. You can also control how much shading or privacy you require.

Style and design

Drop arm awnings are perfectly designed to go in handy with the style of your window or door and fit perfectly, serving their purpose. They also come in different fabrics and colors, allowing customers to choose the one they like most. The fabrics come in either PVC mesh or acrylic canvases and are sorted with enough UV protection.


Flexibility and Ventilation

Drop arm awnings are efficient as they can prevent too much sunlight and ensure enough gap to allow air to come in and out, giving good air circulation. For their retractable nature, drop arm awning provides great flexibility in controlling the amount of light, view privacy, and the sun on your premises. You got all the freedom on how you want to use your drop arm awning.


The price of a Drop arm awning varies from one to the other. The price variation results from various factors, such as the installation. When it comes to the installation, exact measurement is required to help determine the final price of the drop arm awning. Another reason is the model chosen, width, and drop, as well as the fabric and place of manufacture.

Overall, drop arm awnings are ideal for your home and commercial building. It is wise to source them from trusted manufacturers too. This same awning helps you save energy by not having to use the air conditioner to regulate air circulation in your premises. With this in mind, you’ll need to know where you could source your awning around Melbourne, and we got you covered.
Retro blinds has over 30 years of practice in manufacturing and designing awnings and shades in Melbourne. The material they use to manufacture awnings is imported and of local producing products fit for most of your desired styles. Also, if you need assistance choosing an awning for your property, their team will always help and even give you suggestions or even help make a custom design you have in mind.